Retirement Benefits Group Managing Director George Fraser Earns Prestigious Top Advisor Award

Retirement Benefits Group Managing Director Earns Prestigious Top Advisor Award

George Fraser named the first-ever Overall 2017 Top Advisor by Participant Outcomes by 401(k) Specialist Magazine

 SAN DIEGO – Dec. 13 2017 – George Fraser, Managing Director at Retirement Benefits Group, a retirement consulting team specializing in providing customized retirement plan services, executive benefits and retirement management services, was honored with the first-ever Top Advisor by Participant Outcomes of the Year Award by 401(k) Specialist magazine. The current state of social security and an evolving retirement landscape have left employees faced with uncertainty and anguish regarding their dexterity to afford life upon retirement, emphasizing the importance of personalized 401(k) programs and participant communication by retirement benefits decision makers.


401k Specialist Magazine Top Advisor by Participant Outcomes is selected by a panel of industry experts based on advisor responses to a questionnaire regarding their efforts to drive successful participant outcomes. Fraser was recognized as a TAPO in April and was recently presented with the first overall TAPO award at the Excel 401(k) conference in Las Vegas. The inaugural recognition of an overall TAPO further emphasizes the significance of an evolving 401(k) landscape and the need for advisors like Fraser to implement achievable strategies tailored to the specific needs of plan participants.


“I am honored that my life’s work advancing RBG’s philosophy of ‘Passion for the Participant’ is recognized at a time when 401(k) regulation is under great debate,” said George Fraser, Managing Director at RBG. “My mission at every meeting is to provide hope to participants that an independent retirement is attainable, rather than instill fear that the ability to afford life after retirement is out of reach. I hope the recent spotlight on 401(k) plans prompts employers to emphasize and provide more practical guidance to employees seeking to invest in their future.”


Fraser’s philosophy on retirement saving includes a “Penny on the Dollar™” approach, stating that not many people pick pennies up off the street but a secure retirement would be possible if every employee saved one penny out of every dollar they earned in a 401(k) this year, then saved two pennies per dollar next year, three the following year, and so on. This visual approach creates a sustainable plan for retirement and is easier for employees to grasp than savings models based on percentages of paychecks.

“We nominated George for the Top Advisor award because he has a unique talent for motivating clients and dispelling the anxiety that often comes with making tough retirement plan decisions,” said Brendan McCarthy, managing director and head of DCIO national sales at Nuveen. “Now more than ever, plan sponsors need the expert guidance of experienced retirement plan consultants to help them navigate the complexities of developing a strategic plan design, choosing competitive investment options appropriate for their employee population, and executing an effective communications program designed to educate and empower plan participants. The work George has done on behalf of his retirement plan clients and their participants has been exemplary in this regard. We’re inspired by his accomplishments and proud to have him as a member of Nuveen’s DCIO advisory council.”

Fraser’s work during his 24 year career can be seen at firms such as Scottsdale, Arizona’s NOVA Financial & Investment Corporation, where he partnered with management on a plan design strategy to make a confident retirement possible for all of its 800 employees. By applying Fraser’s investment philosophy, the firm was able to raise participant 401(k) participation by 87 percent.


As one of the country’s most renowned Retirement Benefits Specialists Fraser and his team are committed to helping employers and employees pursue the lifestyle they envision for themselves upon retirement. After 24 years in the retirement marketplace, Fraser has developed an educational model that offers both group and individual meetings to all of his client’s employees, which was showcased by the Arizona Republic as a model for change. Fraser and his team currently manage more than $300 million in assets.


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